Your faculty is your school.


Faculty Development

They are not just caring, earnest, and hard working. They are professionals to whom the mission of the school, the day to day experience that justifies investment in the school, has been entrusted. Your faculty are the embodiment of the reasons that your independent school exists in the first place. They don’t just manage classrooms or get through the curriculum. They define the culture, and their performance determines, to a great extent, whether you school has a sustainable future.

Researchers tell us that for all of the investment that schools make in faculty professional development, 75% of it is considered meaningless by the teachers who sit through the training–it doesn’t motivate them. They are not developed.

BetterSchools faculty training presentations lift the lid on the inner workings of independent schooling, giving faculty full access to their contributions to a vibrant, attractive school experience. It’s less about “technique” or “strategies” than it is about understanding how school works, where they fit, and how they can actively participate in sustaining the enterprise that employs them, their talent, and their passion.

And sometimes we’re funny, too. Teachers like to laugh!

Our most popular faculty professional growth seminar!

Building Our School Through Mission and Value: A faculty confronts the New Economy


Building Our School enables your teaching and coaching staff to envision the dynamic effect that their day-in-and-day-out efforts have on a thriving school enterprise.  Beginning with an overview of the business operations of strong schools, this one-day seminar integrates best management practices with the faculty’s ownership of school culture and a strong basis for value.

Six interactive sessions address

  • Mission and Money:  How mission integrity supports the bottom line
  • School As An Enterprise: What they do over in the business office (and why they always look so worried!)
  • Identifying Value:  Understanding what parents and students want from us
  • Relationships and Culture:  The faculty’s key contribution to the enterprise
  • Schools That Students Love: What they will say about their years with us
  • Making the Right Investments: Prioritizing the best ideas in our classrooms

Four Universal Instructional Outcomes

As independent schools struggle to distinguish themselves in the increasingly complex educational marketplace, the measurable impact on students’ academic and personal capabilities has become paramount. Four Outcomes leads the faculty through and integrated set of simple and profound ways to make the most of every classroom experience by focusing on universally appreciated skills.

  • Active Thinking
  • Effective Communicating
  • Integrated Understanding
  • Disciplined Self-governing

Beyond technique, the seminar guides teachers to pay attention to the right things, enabling them to make sound instructional decisions, and to craft classrooms full of engaged, productive, independent students. Applicable to any grade level, Four Outcomes catalyzes conversation within and across divisions, providing a framework for more productive academic planning, faculty meetings, and evaluation.


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